Monday, September 13, 2010

Starcraft 2

So, everyone is going crazy over Starcraft 2 in these days so i tought i could write a copule of line about it aswell.
First of all i did not play the first game of the Starcraft franchise so i'll not make comparisons between the two games but i'll analyse SC2 the more abjectively i can.

At the beginning i was a little worried about having only one faction in tha campaign, i feared it could have been too short and boring being always Terran but fortunately the game itself proved me wrong.
The campaign has a nice amount of missions (25 + a "secret" mission) and they never bore you thanks to a great variety, ranging from escorts to defence missions, from gathering to the classic "annihilate everyone on your path".
I played the game on "Brutal" difficulty setting from the first time and i found it really challenging and fun, you have to take seriously even the first missions.

One of the interesting things in SC2 is the ability to customize your army.
Right after the first 3-4 missions you unlock three means to upgrade your army: the laboratory,  the armory and mercenary units.

Laboratory upgrades interface
The upgrades in the laboratory are unlocked using special "Reserch Points" awarded during the missions for completing secondary objectives, there are two kind of research points: Zerg and Protoss ones.
Everytime you collect 5 points of the same kind you have the chance to choose one of two upgrades so half of them will never be acquired.

Armory upgrades interface
The upgrades of the armory instead are bought with credits awarded for completing missions.
In the armory console you have a list of the units unlocked in the game and each unit has two upgrades, some may have a range increase while others brand new skills.

Mercenaries interface
The third and last way to customize your army are the mercanary units.
I really loved this feature and i made massive use of it, mercenary units are basically more powerful versions of some of your common units like marines or marauders but only a few units have this strengthened version. First of all you have to buy the contract with a mercenary team using credits wile not in a mission, then you can deploy them on the field with instant production but cooldown time and in limited amount (i.e. the war pigs -  a team of 4 elite marines - can be summoned every 5 minutes for a max of 3 times).

Achievements deserve a mention.
I know there are people who absolutely dislike achievements in games, well i'm not one of those but kind of the opposite, you can call me an achievement-whore.
There are a lot of achievements for the campaign, well over 100 and trying to unlock them all gives the game a much longer lifespan, as in all games some achievements are cool and fun while others are totally lame and boring (i found pretty bad all the achievements that involved a timer, "finish mission X within 20 minutes" are the worst) but i had fun hunting them all.

I'll not talk too much about the multyplayer part because this post would get enormous, maybe i'll do it in another post one day, now i'll just talk about it very superficially.
There are 3 kinds of matches: League ones, Friendly and Cooperative.
League matches alter your ladder rating, giving you the chance to advance to a more prestigious league or to be demoted to a worse one (the leages are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) League matches can be from 1v1 to 4v4.

Friendly games can be very different depending on the map you choose.
Using a Blizzard's map will result in a match identical to a leage one but without changing your rating but using a user-created map can totally change the game making SC2 a GDR, a shooter, a tower defence game or even a card game. Some of these custom maps are made of pure win and genious and are really funny.

There isn't much to say about cooperative games, you just grab a friend (or a random player chosen by the server) and team up against computer opponents, it is much like league matches but "human vs A.I.

Well, i guess that's all, i leave you a cool cinematic of the game and wish you good luck for...just anything xD

Thanks for reading! ;)


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