Monday, September 20, 2010

News from Devin Townsend

This week Devin Townsend will start the mixing phase of his two new albums Deconstruction and Ghost which will be realeased in March/April 2011.

I am fucking looking forward to these new albums, Devin Townsend in absolutely one of my favourite musicians.

For the people who doesn't know who Devin is, he is the sick mind behind one of the most crazy and extreme metal bands, Strapping Young Lad.
Strapping Young Lad released 5 albums ina time of 11 years (1995-2006) and in 2007 the band dissoluted.

The fact that Devin was addicted to various drugs during his time with S.Y.L. was well-known but he started to come off drugs and stopped making music for some time, Townsend found it "disconcerting" that he had difficulty writing music without drugs, and that he had trouble identifying his purpose as a musician.
Then suddenly he started to write songs again, about his own life and personal experience.

He wrote 60 songs in two years and noticed that they would fit four different styles and decided to start a new project: the Devin Townsend Project, composed of four albums.

Two of the four albums came out in 2009, Ki and Addicted, The other two would be Deconstruction and Ghost
that i will be able to listen for my birthday it seems (April) XD
So i'm leaving you two songs, from Ki and Addicted for you to listen. ;)


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