Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guild Disband

I stopped play World of Warcraft around April this year but i still use to talk with the core 5/6 elite players my guild had using Skype.

Our guild was heavily fucked up, we had those elite players, an handful of average players and a lot of bads.
Still we managed to clear ICC 10 pretty quickly (downing the Lich King about when the 5% buff activated), get our Frostwyrms and clear the 25 mode up to the Lich King.

We were all officers and we managed to set up a bunch of rules regarding loots and priorities for a a slot in raid meant to advantage us over the others because we felt they were not good enough (call us elitists or whatever, yeah we surely acted as sons of a bitch very often) and also had a private chat channel where rant about the uselessness of some players while saying "it's ok, don't worry it's not your fault" in guild or raid chat.

The fact is we could not start a recruitment because we were an italian-only guild in a server with a very low presence of italian players.

Then most of us just got "bored" i think, the guild master gave its charge to a player i would define everage and some officers did the same, we had no interest in the guild anymore and we slowly became just raiders leaving the guild in the hands of people that (we were sure) could do nothing but slowly kill it.

Then i quit. The only thing i know is with time raids became very few and a lot of people quit. They can not fill a 25 players raid anymore.

The other day the old guild master asked me if i would be able to replace the forum with a blank page containing only a message stating the disband of the guild.

"Yeah i think i can but, what happened?"
"Nothing yet, but a lot of players, including the actual GM and officers, are transfering to a new server soon and i am going to disband the guild when they do so. They will take the blame for the disband and we will move to another server too, bringing with us the good players remaining."

I didn't like the idea of a simple message, so i created an xbox achievement:

"[Censored guild name] disbanded."

He really liked it but i was not satisfied yet.
I remembered a wallpaper i downloaded a copule of days before, a wallpaper with that "shoop da woop" face i put in the achievement and a sick idea crossed my mind.

The blacked part of the image hides the guild's logo and of course the picture is supposed to be a lot bigger than this.

But that's not all, i also plan to add an audio file to the page, a file that will play every time someone loads the page, this:

I would love to see the people reactions to this.
*your guild has been disbanded.*
"Oh wtf happened?!? let me check the forum!"

And they see this. I am proud of myself.


  1. haha that pic always makes me laugh :D

  2. Well, cool idea! sorry about the Guild, hope that there a re a lot of more players in the new server...if you are planning on going back!

  3. Sorry to hear about the guild disbanding.

  4. Damn, I played WoW for years.. up to ToC, which is when they killed it and made it waaaayyyyy too easy for noobs to get gear. I was the best paladin on my server :D. Also, I was an elitest in wow.. i hated noobs.

  5. its a shame such effort got wasted when the guild disbanded.. just hope you cherish the good times =D

  6. Cool post man!:D
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

  7. Never got into WoW, wonder what it was like...