Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dark Tranquillity - Lethe

Give me to drink of the fluid that disintegrates 
And lend me the sweet balm and blessing
Of forgetfulness, empty and strong 
Oh, lethe!

Hold me near, unravel the stars
As I speed through the heavens, 
I speed through the night
For you are my blade and my rope
You are my Lethe
(You are my all)

In currents of cobalt you storm through my heart
To sever, to puncture the memories that burn
Let sweep through the arteries in sharp stabs of pain
Your talon-like fingers to kill me again

Steal me, invade me, and charge me again
(And again, and again, and again)
For I burn and I shudder
Burn with each movement of 

So, cleansed through a floodlight
I appear, renewed and reforged
Caressed by the sweet balm and blessing
Of forgetfulness, empty and strong

Hold me near, my one friend and guide 
As I drown through your fingers, 
Drown through your love
For you are the life that I hate
You are my, you are my...

Drag me down in passionate sighs
With the ocean above me and flames in my eyes
And grant my a life I can live 

Take me away...
Take me away...
From the life that I hate


  1. Wow i never heard that before.
    I liked it. :D

  2. good tune, heavy though =D

    I would appreciate your input on my Razer Lycosa review if you haven't commented already =D

    Please check out my Best of: Daft Punk too if you haven't yet please. This is part of a new best of series I'm starting, so any input is appreciated! <3 Thanks in advance!

  3. awesome lyrics, pretty sweet song too.

  4. fuck yea dark tranquility. love em

  5. the intro is long that i thought it was all instrument! lol

  6. super great lyrics . love it